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Headquartered in Miami, Florida, we established our company with the aim of helping and supporting small and mid-size businesses via factoring services. We strive to do our best by providing the whole gamut of services, including invoice factoring, staffing, order financing, government contractors, etc.

Enjoy the best services with us.

Invoice Factoring

Factoring advantages are plenty for a company. You can easily sell your receivable accounts minus a small discount to an invoice factoring company and create an instant cash flow for you to use for your business needs.

Government Contractors

Protect your investment and capital with our government contracting services. Like every other service we offer, government contractors get only the best from us. When we get going with your bids, you will acquire the most formidable talent for your contract work.

Purchase Order Financing

Don’t let your limited revenues stop you from fulfilling an order. With our purchase order financing, you get a versatile way of financing the purchase or development of products from creditworthy suppliers to satisfy massive orders.

Employee Loyalty

Every employee of ours is considered a part of the ‘Factoring Compass family’, and the needs and well being of each of them is our responsibility. We look to it that there is a healthy workplace environment and our employees are feeling safe and appreciated. This not only motivates them to work harder in a more efficient manner but also results in their undying loyalty towards the company.

After Services

A good ‘after service’ is as important as a good service or product. Realizing this, we have developed a 24/7 customer support system of knowledgeable and friendly staff, who are more than happy to help you in any possible way. We see to it that there is no trouble caused to our customers even after we have delivered our services.


Customer Happiness

The foremost objective of our company is to satisfy our customers, and we leave no stones unturned to achieve the same. We provide top-notch services at the best possible price deal and with utmost efficiency. When you choose us, you are in for a lasting, amicable relationship.

Who do we provide our

factoring services to?

We provide various factoring services to various firms. Following is the list of various companies who can avail of our factoring services.

Small to mid-size corporations




Government contractors




Government Contractors


Purchase Order Financing


Small To Mid-Size Business

What is factoring?

When a company purchases a loan or an invoice from another company, it is called factoring, debt factor, or debtor funding. Factoring is often used in many markets as a form of invoice discounting, which is quite similar but only in a different sense.

In this purchase, receivable accounts are discounted to allow the buyer to profit upon debt settlement. This method effectively transfers the ownership of accounts to another entity.

Companies that offer factoring services are called factors. These factors take up the invoices or debts of a business and get involved in collecting the receivable. In turn, it gives businesses the invoice amount minus a fee in advance.

Additional factoring payments, normally a small percentage, are payable until the debt is charged. The factor may also provide the indebted party with a discount. This gives businesses instant cash flow to take care of aspects like employee payment.

Factoring is a very common way exporters use to accelerate their cash flow. This method helps the exporter at the point of delivery of the products and, as sales invoices increase, create up to 80 percent of the invoice’s value.




Our support

Our family continues to grow since we started it. Over time, we have also started offering many services to help our clients in every possible way.
Factoring compass has provided invoice factoring services to many small and medium-sized businesses. Our strength is measured in our products and the services.


Our vision

To be the most valuable company in the factoring industry. And being valuable means that we make long-term improvements with every product and service we provide, along with that to have a long-term relationship with each of our customers.


Our values

Our values are fully based on biblical principles and sound business practices. 1. Transparency with customers 2. Treat everyone with respect, both customers and our employees. 3. Investing for the future 4. Customer satisfaction is our priority 5. Providing unique products and services.

Why Choose Us

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us




I can’t even tell you how happy I am with Factoring Compass. They do great work every time! Glad I found them and will continue to use them.

Will Christensen


Factoring Compass suggested the best possible options for us to choose based on our requirements. Thanks for the perfect services.
“Perfect Services”

Robyn Towning


Thank you Factoring Compass your support is incredible. The result of this project exceeded my expectations! I am so very grateful to have found Factoring Compass.
“Fastest Support”


Q1. What is the minimum cost of your services?

Our charges are fair and follow the industry standards. We would be happy to negotiate our factoring payments. Give us a call to discuss the rates further.

Q2. How can you help a new trucking company?

Throughout the years, we have been dedicated to helping out small, mid-sized, and new companies. Therefore, we provide invoice factoring services for trucking, which can help you grow your business with instant cash flow.

Q3. Who all do your services extend to?

We mainly help and focus our staffing and factoring services on businesses of all sizes in the fields of trucking and freight brokering. Additionally, we extend our services to government contractors, as well.

Q4. Can you help me take care of orders when I lack the finances?

Yes. We offer purchase order financing services that help your business meet client orders, bulk or otherwise, without any worry about the capital.

Q5. How can you help a government contractor?

For government contractors, invoice factoring advantages are plenty. We help them place the appropriate bids to acquire the best talent for their contract work.